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    Pitman Real Estate

    Pitman, NJ – Pop 8,943 – boasts to be a dry town as no alcohol is permitted to be sold. It boarders Mantua Twp, Washington Twp, and Glassboro. In 1871 the land was chosen and set aside to be a Methodist summer camp site. The land had an auditorium and 12 roads originated from the central area (auditorium) each representing the 12 disciples of Jesus. The area became known as Pitman Grove. Tents were the “original” houses for worshippers. Small cottages/houses then replaced the living spaces which then formed the foundation of Pitman. By the 1880’s the number of cottages climbed to 400 and the residents began staying year round. Pitman established a school in 1884 and by 1904 it became a borough. Pitman school district has an elementary, middle and high schools. Some great stores can be found in Pitman including Bob’s Hobbies and Crafts (my favorite train store), Caffeinated Cyclist, and The Pitman Jewelry Store. The Broadway Theatre is still entertaining with movies and plays.